Photo courtesy Showstoppers

Ware is happy to help you develop your project, no matter where you are in the creative process.

Choose from several ready-to-present workshops on physical acting and acrobatics for the actor or develop a custom presentation tailored to your production or institution: everything from movement coaching for you (or your actors) to helping you devise a whole show from scratch.

Ware has acted as a movement director and led workshops on commedia dell’arte, acrobatics, physical acting, and more. Here’s are some reviews of his work as movement director or coach:




What can I say about the workshops…wow wow wow!!! I was completely blown away…so welcoming and sickeningly talented! We have been to numerous workshops around Europe now and this topped them all.
Elaine Hearty (Showstoppers Stage School)

Earl Milton is eerily ominous…Billie Jo Konze, Ilana Kapra, and Audrey Callerstrom are fluidly dreamlike…The lyrical movement found throughout the piece has been directed by Ware Carlton-Ford.
Lavender Magazine (Crazyface)

The commedia dell’arte stylings…are employed here to great effect. The three “pulcinellas” (Ilana Kapra, Billie Jo Konze and Audrey Callerstrom) dance across the stage with an avian grace.
L’Etoile Magazine (Crazyface)

Photo courtesy of Shadow Horse Theater

Photo courtesy of Showstoppers

Photo courtesy of My Nose Turns Red Theater