14 Lines


A new show, original, engaging, and highly physical, inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnets. Created with Divadlo Continuo Theatre under the direction of Pavel Štourač, 14 Lines offers a fresh and alternative vision to the classic, romantic vision of love.

In this performance, love is vertigo, obsession, addiction, and a fight for life. Love in 14 lines hurts like the first breath and the struggle for the last. It is an insatiable desire, a destructive pain, and a never-ending wonder. It is folly, delirium, and the venomous bite of a snake. Love is a weapon contained in 14 lines, something indefinable that exceeds all reason.

International tour included shows in the Czech Republic and Italy.

Photo credits: Karel Fort and Andrea Bianchi



Project details
  • Client: Divadlo Continuo Theatre
  • Date: October 2017

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