Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend


A giant mosquito wants to play tag…A dentist goes spelunking in a woman’s cavernous mouth…A man is turned into sausages and transported via telegraph…Yes, this stage adaptation of one of the weirdest, wildest comic strips ever written is just a bit surreal.  Winsor McKay’s iconic strip set many of the standard cartoon tropes for the 20th century; this show is like watching a live-action Looney Tune.

Acknowledging the twisted insight at the core of the work, Hardcover Theater has crafted its latest production around McCay’s bizarre visions…the production may well represent the company’s most audacious attempt to date at transforming unlikely literary works for the stage…audiences are in for one mind-bending trip.”
TC Daily Planet (Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend)



Project details
  • Client: Hardcover Theater at Bryant Lake Bowl
  • Date: April 2014

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