Words aren’t your strong suit, and that’s okay.  I’m here for you.

I’m a talented and flexible writer with a passion for creating strong narrative.  I love figuring out what clients need and what message they want to send.  I’m eager to help you connect with your audience, whether that means new content, a new voice, or both. What story do you want to tell?

Maybe you have an unusual or offbeat project – great!  Let’s figure it out; my collaborative style will help you sort through your own ideas as we build your voice.  Of course, if you need someone to simply proofread or edit your existing content, I can do that too.

Click on the pictures to see samples of my work:

WCPC Poster

Poster for TSI

NPET Instructional Video

Promotional Video Script

Pet Safety with Progressive

Parental Controls for Cell Phones with Xfinity

Trowel Magazine

Trowel Magazine

Heavy Table

Heavy Table



Women in Drywall series from Wallboard